About Army OneSource

Army OneSource (AOS) is a Secretary of the Army Initiative to provide comprehensive community support and service delivery for Service members and their Families regardless of component or geographic location.

Army OneSource is helping communities mobilize by creating State Alliances.  Through the development of State Alliances, AOS is creating a community support system.


State Alliances

Army OneSource State Alliances build community capacity to provide services that improve outcomes for Service members and their Families. Alliances include civilian service and support systems critical to successfully mitigating the negative consequences of the combat experience.

Behavioral Health Alliances - National and State level agencies, associations, educational institutations, and first responders engaged in educating the behavioral health community on military culture and best practices for assessingand treating behavioral health issues resulting from the trauma of war thereby improving access to care.

Legal Alliances - Legal associations and law schools aimed at educating legal professionals and students on the unique legal needs of Service members and engaging them in providing pro-bono services and military legal support.

Faith based Alliances - Military Chaplains, national faith-based organizations, clergy, and local churches who are building services and support to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of Service members and their Families.

Financial Alliances - DoD approved financial institutions and professional associations working to raise awareness of the financial challenges of Service members and increasing the use of financial readiness tools and training amonth Military Families.

State Community Support Coordinators

Army OneSource State Community Support Coordinators (SCSCs) are responsible for building service capacity for geographically dispersed Service members and their Families through the mobilization of the community.  CSCs accomplish this by:

  • Developing executive-level relationships in public, private and non-profit circles within the areas of behavioral health, finance, legal, and faith.
  • Conducting on-going assessments of their state to identify the most critical Service member/Family member needs and service gaps.
  • Bringing real time data about Military Family needs into the state and local planning processes.
  • Initiating state-level "Alliances" which are sharply focused on building service capacity in the areas of greatest need.
  • Helping communities develop a focus on Service member issues as well as the capacity of state and community systems to respond.
  • Elevating the visibility and needs of the often isolated and invisible Service member, Family member and Veteran.

Joining An Alliance FAQ

If you would like to join an AOS Alliance in your state, click here to contact your local State Community Support Coordinator for more information.

An AOS State Alliance is a group of leaders who come together to develop solutions that improve outcomes for Service members and their Families. These Alliances are designed to sustain the mission and develop visions and goals for their state.

Alliances include service providers, state planners, educators, legislators, partners and military members who are passionate about helping our Service members and their Families.

If you are ready to make a positive impact in your community, now is the time to join.

Joining an Alliance gives you the opportunity to meet and work with others who have similar interests and goals. Through the Army OneSource Resource Center, Alliance members have exclusive access to data maps, promising practices and events, searchable by state. 

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